South Plains Genealogical Society, Inc.


South Plains Genealogical Society (SPGS) began on April 8, 1961 when the Nancy Anderson Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution presented a workshop at the old YMCA building on Broadway and realized the interest in genealogical research.  Members and other people lent their time and books to help others to begin tracing their family trees.  The first regular meeting of SPGS was held on May 19 at the Lubbock City Library.  By November of the same year there were 126 charter members.  With the help of donations and dues, SPGS began a collection of data for genealogists and by December of 1961 SPGS was given a bookcase in the Lubbock City Library.  In the years that have followed, the collection has grown to include thousands of books and an extensive microfilm and compact disk collection.  October 1990, SPGS became a nonprofit corporation.

Operating Year: January - December 2024

Executive Board
President: Kathy Wright Kitten
1st Vice President: Carla Moore
2nd Vice President: Laura Abbott
Secretary: Darnell Dingle
Correspondence Secretary: Sharon Hall
Treasurer: Kathy Exter
Librarian: Carla Moore
Library Liaison: Vacant
Webmaster: Vacant
Newsletter Editor: Carla Moore
Director: Martha Ginn
Director: Barbara Glodt
Director: Henry Ray Lozada
Director: Steven Wayne McGaw
Director: Vacant


The SPGS purpose is to provide the public with education and information related to family genealogies and local, regional, and state history.  Its primary activity is to assist the City of Lubbock in the support and operation of the genealogy section at the Mahon Building of the Lubbock Public Library.  SPGS provides a knowledgeable group of volunteers who staff the library’s genealogy section on an organized and continuing basis.  These volunteers advise the general public on matters related to genealogy and local history.  In addition, the SPGS makes numerous gifts of genealogy materials such as books, periodicals, microfilm, and CD’s to the Mahon Library on a continuing basis.  All of these gifts and services are made available to the general public without regard to library users’ association with SPGS.  SPGS is also involved in the publishing of regional articles and books of interest to genealogists with the proceeds of the sale benefiting the genealogy department at Mahon Library.  A newsletter is sent to regular members, prospective members, genealogy societies and libraries in the months of September - November and January - May.  SPGS membership conducts virtually all of the activities of the SPGS organization on a strictly volunteer basis without anyone receiving monetary compensation for their work.